February 4, 2012

Holy Cows

Today my dad bought a heifer cow. When I walked up the driveway today, I saw her just standing there by herself at the edge of the field. She had already been corralled into a trailer and given a shot of penicillin, then set loose in a pasture with goats in it where she was the biggest one there. I can't help thinking she was scared. She wouldn't walk up to me when I went to play with my littlest goat, and she wasn't all that scared of my bloodhound through the fence. Duke wouldn't be friendly, of course. He had to show off his bark. But as she moved closer, his bark got a tad more high pitched and less intimidating. My carnivorous, giganto dog was scared of a gentle, meek cow.

The poor thing sniffed him and Duke didn't know what to do. (I think he thought she was a large play toy.) Anyway, it must have been very scary for her today. Dad didn't think about where she would stand if it rained (she doesn't like the goats,) and it didn't seem to be of utmost importance that the poor baby was bellowing every few minutes. The cow was lonely.

I kind of just wanted to go up and hug her, but I had to restrain myself. I'm not sure if she's going to be lunch or not. Hopefully the latter. Mom doesn't like the taste of Jersey anyway. (Too fatty, she says.) So if mi padre buys a steer for a beef, I will name him Chops to remind me that he will be my future dinner, and I will name her May Belle, because that is a fitting name for a cow.

Anyway, that made me think of how when you first meet someone. You try to hold back a lot of emotion and personality to become more cookie-cutter acceptable. But poor May Belle couldn't do it. She was large and kind of imposing, and when we couldn't see where she went when it was dark outside, I even commented that I wouldn't feel bad about eating her if she trampled my baby goat, Bonnie. Maybe I'm prejudiced against something so huge too. Or maybe I'm just tired of my dad's impulsive decisions. That's another topic for another time.

Also, I feel a strange affinity with female livestock... but that's another story for another day too.

I'm going to try to pet May Belle tomorrow.