May 4, 2012

To the Anti-Theist

I am a Christian.
I am sixteen.
I am targeted online.
Everyone online assumes that because I'm a Christian, I shout obscenities to women who walk in abortion clinics.
I think those women are in a tough place, and need help, not to be screamed at. A hug would probably be more effective.
I have never screamed at someone, telling them that they would go to hell.
I have never tried to damn someone for all eternity.
My place is to share my hope with you.
I have friends who are gay. They know how I feel, but I love them for who they are.
My belief that homosexuality is wrong doesn't conflict with the fact that I love them.
I love them, not what they do.
I have stood up for my gay friends when others made fun of them for they way they seemed to act.

But somehow, it's okay for Mr. It Gets Better Dan Savage to talk about how people he has never met are pansies because they think differently about things than he does.
He is a bully.
He headed a campaign for LGBT anti-bullying, but when faced with Christians, his rules don't apply anymore.
Because some people who call themselves Christians dish out hate, he threw it back on all believers.
And that is wrong.
That is all.