July 17, 2012

Too Philosophical

      Somebody mentioned that I should get away from my family. And quite honestly, I love that idea. A gym is going to become my bff in the next couple of weeks and I am pumped! Lots of Zumba, maybe some kickboxing, and maybe something really vague like "Brazilian Butt Lift?" I've gotta say, that sounds kind of dirty. Oh well. I'm all for... positive... experimentation?
      My mom and I are going to go on vacation and leave my dad at home. I am rather excited and she said she'd like to leave this week although we have no idea where we're going, and these days I am not the "let's jump in a car and go somewhere, because the journey is the destination" type of person.
      My mother also suggested that I was "tech-addicted." I won't deny that 100%. But at this very moment, my dearest laptop is proving to be a nice little escape away from all the cleaning/laundry/shopping/planning/driver's testing I feel like I have to do. And my philosophy is that if something is working for you and not hurting you... it's working for a reason.
      Back to the gym or whatever. I have one punch left on my Zumba card, and will be using that today. I get to talk to someone my age today! In real life! How exciting, says the antisocial-in-summer teenager. I get to tell my darling friend all about my driving test (I refused to share through text message) and I am super pumped to try out kickboxing. And yoga. I want to go to yoga. I think that might be really good for me.
      My fitness friend also suggested that I go to a jewelry store owned by someone who also Zumbas with us and is wonderfully insane. She apparently makes pretty things out of moths and butterflies. Dead moths and butterflies. I'm really worried to go in there, although I'm sure everything is gorgeous. Is it inhumane? Does she only use dead ones? Does she cut their cute little insect-y lives short for her own personal enjoyment? Does she take joy in the fact that she dismembers their bodies? I feel like I want to ask her. But I don't. But I do! You know? One of those crazy internal debates.
      Hmm. Maybe I'll type up a poem or two and throw them on here for your personal enjoyment. Yes, you. I have a secret! (I know you're reading. ) How sweet of you! Thanks by the way, for making me... popular. Maybe I should take my name off of my blog posts if I'm going to be popular. But I don't think that will be a major problem any time soon.
      I feel the need to make you aware that us blog-writers are very interested in who our readers are. Sometimes we resort to very interesting measures to know our audience... and the best of us do know our audiences quite well! Just thought I'd throw that out there for you to chew on.
      Three weeks of summer left, I've accomplished next to nothing, and that is about to change. More excitement ensues! On a happier note, my mother made whole-grain spaghetti so I have a nice lunch waiting on me. Go Mom!

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