December 21, 2012


Well, I am currently sitting on my bed in pajamas staring at my homework at around 1pm. I need to shower, but I'm not bothering until four, because I don't have to go out in public until then. Instead of making myself presentable, I am procrastinating and posting on my blog. Isn't that great?

I am now going to discuss several things which I have viewed on my facebook feed that have truly annoyed me.

Post one, by a late-twenties early-thirties lady who I used to go to church with:
"So glad I can speak my mind. I hate seeing posts and comments that ppl have made about God that are not the KJV. I truely believe that they need to find a better bible. Throw these new international bibles away and stick to reading the KJV. Afterall, I mean it is the true words of God."
My reaction: *beats head against wall* Okaygo. KJV stands for King James Version. That implies that this version of the bible was translated by a King. And it was translated... by a king called King James. King James had a lot of political influence. King James wanted his subjects to behave in a particular way, as any other king would. But King James was crafty! He decided that instead of only using intimidation, he would use religion.  So he translated the Vulgate Latin Bible into the vernacular, or most commonly spoken language. Let me break that down for you. A king translated that precious version of the bible you hold. A man. Who can make mistakes. And 'typo' some things. If you want to be accurate, then please learn to speak Hebrew and Greek so that you can read the Old and New Testaments like they were supposed to be read. Also, big truth time.... Jesus didn't speak English. When Jesus lived, English was still in its infancy. Hebrew is old. English is an infant compared to it. So stop fussing about how your bible is more right than mine because it's all based on interpretation! Golly gee. That being said, I'm done, because that is just about how far my knowledge extends. I don't want to lie to you. Correct me if I'm wrong. With facts.  <3

I might add to this later. Homework and hunger call.

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