January 21, 2013


Well, I didn't have school today. I guess that was a plus. My dad is grumpy. My brother nailed a giant board to the back of our house. My grandmother is depressed because all her kids can do is bicker. But despite all of that I had an okay day.

Night? Not so much. I talked with my friends as usual and everything was fine until someone had to withhold certain true but insignificant to him pieces of information and then replace these tidbits with certain false but more entertaining for him fibs. I'm sure that was thoroughly confusing, but fret not, reader, because this post will be relevant to you soon!

Now, the point was not that he wouldn't tell me. As I said, this fact was fairly insignificant and not really pertinent to anyone's wellbeing. The dealbreaker occurred when he replaced the lack of information with information that I knew to be false. It wasn't particularly malicious- he didn't want to hurt me; he only wanted the laughs. If was overall harmless.

Except for the fact that it wasn't. We all deal with those people who push us so far we don't know what to do with ourselves. Praise be to God that He and I have removed most of those people from my life. I am stable, I have good intentions, and I am fairly constant. I grow from relationships with people- when something goes wrong in them it really troubles me. So when someone tries to push me or knock me off of my stability in my friendships I become very protective, even if the friendship is with the offender.

I have learned throughout my short time on earth to guard myself closely. No one enjoys being walked on, especially if the would be floormat is strong willed. And I am the posterchild of strong wills. When you plant a tree and you want it to grow, you don't put poison in its roots; instead, you use water and fertilizer. You don't grow friendships with dishonesty; you have to be truthful and loyal to one another. I have come to find that most relationships dissolve because one party loses trust or respect for the other and it cannot be regained. Nobody appreciates being lied to, least of all by a friend.

So do MLKJ a favor today and be honest in your words, actions, and intentions. Happy Monday night.

Quick grammar fact: the comma after the word 'actions' in the last mini paragraph is called an Oxford comma. It aids in the seperation of ideas. I love me some Oxford comma.

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