January 22, 2013

Sickness Unto Life

I think I'm getting sick. It occured to me this morning on the bus as I was describing my most obvious symptoms to my seat buddy: scratchy throat, gross sinus stuff. Then she asked me if I was achy, and at that moment I wasn't. Six AM comes early and often we forget what has gone on earlier in the week. She also mentioned something about a fever which I didn't have.
Then I got to school and got up from my seat, and bam, there was the lower back pain that had decided to show up for about two days. Whoops. Maybe I'm getting the flu. I guess I should stop breathing on people and keep a distance. I hope whatever I have doesn't get any worse though. Because of my rigorous schedule, I can't exactly miss whenever I want. I have three possible misses for rehearsals for my musical, and I am not using them because of some silly virus that thinks it can beat me over top of the head. The great thing is, it's the middle of flu season and I'm in public school so I doubt I'll be exposing anyone who hasn't already been ii n touch with it. I'm hardly ever sick, and this year it just seems to be one thing after another. Doesn't stress lead to compromised immune systems? Whatever. Job this summer, business math next year, hopefully Italy next spring break, and then graduation and off to do something with my life. I think I'm scheduling my classes for senior year later this month.
I have written composition tonight for Academic Team. I'm gonna kick butt. I can't wait.

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