January 25, 2013

This Post is Not Objective

I had a snow day today! It's very exciting. I watched a movie, played some games on my kindle, and ate some junk food. Now, though, I have an idea that came to me whilst I was browsing pinterest! I have decided that I am going to point out the specifics of what I think is attractive in the opposite sex and what, specifically, shuts down my visual happiness. I will provide image sources!

Here goes:


  • Smiling, or looking generally happy/pleased;
  • Well-fitting clothing, in order to keep some modesty (nakey time is for pools and sleep);
  • Well-groomed full facial hair;
  • Dogs- a guy with a dog is so much more attractive than a guy sans animal looking smoldering;
  • Tastefully longer hair;
  • Pants, because after going through all these husband catalog pictures, pants are important;
  • Non-possessive body posture;
  • Appears fun but mature.

  • Stand-alone moustaches (they are only appropriate with other facial hair);
  • Scruffy facial hair;
  • Smoldering expressions (arrogant is gross);
  • Butterfly tattoos;
  • Generally awkward or untasteful tattoos;
  • Most piercings;
  • Hairstyles that require ridiculous amounts of gel or other styling product;
  • Guys who look generally younger;
  • Crazy eyes.
Check out The Husband Catalog on tumblr to look at some pretty guys. Isn't it funny how I said I would be specific and I used the word generally several times? Oh, contradictions. 

Guys with dogs:

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