February 10, 2013

Jumping the Gun

Today my assistant pastor preached on how hasty and sinful decisions can lead to disappointment and sadness. His first example was marriage. He spoke of how God didn't say that a man finding a woman was good- he said a man finding a wife was good. The same concept applies to us ladies also.

I agreed.with every word he said, and that doesn't happen all that often. That was probably because this part of the message was about waiting. I'm pretty good at waiting, I mean, I don't get impatient too often and I try to give people time to explain their ideas, and most of all I have learned to get over it.

I really want a boy to hug me today- oh well, God loves me more than anyone else could and his comfort is like none other. Back is sore? Too bad, take some Advil, sleep in a better position tonight.

Waiting is not fun sometimes and some days I just want to settle for the leftovers that fall off the table. But I know that there is more for me and when I meet the right person on down the road I will not have to settle.

I am so thankful for the peace that I have been given and God's assurance toward me. When I meet that person, I pray that everything about he and I brings honor to God because it will all be His (non)fault. When I get out of the picture, the right guy will find his way in.

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