February 3, 2013

Life Goes On

I am going to hate nablopomo by the end of th his month. Oh well. At least I can late night text blog. I have a sick goat. I hate having sick goats. Her name is Susannah and she's one month away from having a baby and of course she gets listeriosis because of this ridiculous weather. Hopefully Dad gets to her with penicillin in time.

My mom told me that I was hateful today. I don't really think I'm that hateful. I'm just really abrupt and I don't like it when people question something I do or say with no foundation to doubt me.

I had a really good church service this morning, and in honor of the loooove month, I want to try to tell you about a few things or people that I love.

I love my church family! They have always been there for me with open arms when something went wrong and a congratulations when something went right. I am so thankful for their love, support, and talent, because theirs enriches mine!

I also love goats. It started two years ago when my father decoded he would try his hand at raising these four legged creatures. They were so sweet and caring and headstrong and they had babies and one of those babies is Bonnie! I remember how I used to lift her above my head I to the Bradford pear trees so she could eat and now she's a plump 150 pounds ans I can't lift her up anymore. Bonnie is my babe. She loves me for my treats, obviously.

It is 11:30. That is all.

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