February 4, 2013

nbpm 2- My First Crush and Other Developments

My first crush.... let me take you back to the first two, because they're both adorable.

Number one: Let's call him Joe. (His name wasn't Joe.) We were in kindergarten together, and he played barbie dolls with me. I was Barbie and he was Ken and we played house at school, then he asked me over on a playdate and we watched Spongebob (I wasn't allowed at home!) and played with all his firefighting heroes and watched Power Rangers. I was kind of a tomboy, but I was still heartbroken when he moved after first grade. :(

Number two: Let's call him..... Dave. I had trouble thinking of that one, because I still know him. In fact, I saw him in the hallway today and we didn't speak. Yeah, kids, don't fall apart or anything, but there's no hope for me falling in love with anyone from my elementary school. This one used to be adorable but we aren't in the same circles anymore and the one or two that are cute now are totally getting jiggy with it if you know what I mean (not with each other...obviously) and I'm not really into that. Back to Dave. I recovered from my heartbreak with Joe in just one short year, and in third grade I was swinging again. Dave was cute and funny and he always liked swinging with me on the playground, and he really enjoyed my inside recess karaoke renditions of "Genie in a Bottle." Yes, young Emily sang that song in front of her third grade teacher and all the boys in elementary school and I really really really really hope no one brings that up at my high school reunion when I'm married some years from now.... anyway. Dave. He came over to my house once and we sat under trees and swung on my swingset and we bought matching mood rings. I still have mine. We jumped on his trampoline and I hugged his dogs and golly, we were cute. For Valentine's Day that year, I made him a card, painted it with nail polish, and put on my play lipstick and kissed where the envelope met. This is where it gets steamy guys. We would call each other every night and on one night a week, we would each settle down in front of our respective television and watch...WWE together. Yeah. I'm totally serious. That was really romantic for a few minutes, huh? Yeah, I'm good at ruining the moment. I do that a lot, actually, especially when I'm feeling awkward...I guess I'll talk about my first kiss in one of these posts this month. Be on the lookout... Hardeeharhar. That didn't really end any better, but that's another story for another day. Happy ten days til Valentine's Day, readers.

I will be eating ice cream with my parents; what about you?

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