February 5, 2013

nbpm- Falling in Love

Goodness, I thought he was cute and funny. To me he was the cat's pajamas and I was so caught up in feeling whatever I was feeling that I couldn't think straight. This feeling developed over a whole summer and rested quietly in my heart until early December. And then he was my first legitimate boyfriend and my first kiss. I thought it was great. Then two weeks later on my birthday that pathetic excuse for a relationship was over. But then I really stepped back and looked at what I felt. I wasn't all that sad about losing him- I've found that he was definitely replaceable. But what I missed so much after that brief and totally innocent affair was the feeling, and not the boy.

Today's topic is supposed to be about the first time I legitimately fell in love. Quite honestly that hasn't happened yet. Sure, at the time I wanted to be in love with.....we'll say Carl, but after the fact I found that if I had gotten in a fight with him I would have plucked my eyes out. We were that incompatible.

Carl made me realize something- although relationships may make you feel all nice and warm and fuzzy, if they are to succeed then both parties involved have to make an honest effort to look past the feeling and take that person for who they are. With Carl, I never did that. I kept a cute little pair of rose colored glasses on the whole time and I now realize that feeling that way and not analyzing the situation at all is stupid.

If there's one thing that rom coms have taught me, it's that you shouldn't settle for less than someone who loves you just the way you are. (And when I see your face....)

If there's one thing I know that no romantic comedy could ever teach me, it's that relationships are real and falling in love is real and human and not at all like the movies. You don't see someone in the hallway, go out on a date, get married, and stay together forever just like that. In the wise phrasing of my bio teacher, the reason high school relationships don't work is because hardly anyone is willing to work at it.

Unlike staying in love, falling in love is not always a choice. No matter how it happens take a step back and really look at who you're giving your heart to, because it is not East yo gané ir al baño. That was just too good of a typo to delete. I hit the Spanish option on my keyboard...

Because it is never ever easy to get your heart back once you've lost it.

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