February 7, 2013

nbpm- The Ideal Date

Hi guys. The intro to today's is not as eye-catching as yesterday's. Forgive me.

My ideal date... Well, he would be tall, dark, and handsome... Actually I haven't met him yet so I really don't know what he's like. But I think I'll try to discuss the event instead (and as was intended.)

I've never been on a date. Carl was never classy enough to take me out (and I was still young... I don't think I'll let my kids date til they're older.).

Still, a girl can dream.... That sounded so depressing I laughed at myself. Goodness. Well, the type of date I'd really like to go is the kind that's simple but fun. You don't have to take me out to the opera or buy me lobster directly from Maine. I just want to have fun with the person I'm with and feel free to laugh, you know? 

I like zoos, I like aquariums, I like touring local farms and supporting the dairy industry, and if I really like you, I'll hike with you. I like good food and funny people and I want to see the person I'm with smile.

I imagine a date being real. It's not supposed to be some fake experience where two people laugh at bad jokes. It's supposed to be where two people start to get to know each other.

And for the record, if I go out with someone, I will laugh at their bad jokes so they don't feel like a failure.

That's not being fake. It's being polite. You should do the same.

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