February 9, 2013

nbpm- Movie

The most romantic movie of all time- well, I'm going to shy away from romantic comedies today, because those are usually very unrealistic.

Both of these made me almost cry.

A Walk to Remember. Oh Nicholas Sparks. Your love for making women hate you for their tears is astounding. You use cancer and charming men to pull at our heartstrings. Cancer sucks, and I love charming men. These two aspects make me swoon at the thought of this movie...and cry. I always have tear duct moisture.

Fireproof. I actually just watched this movie this year. Even though I am not in its target audience, it got to me. That's ridiculous. I want to do that if my marriage is ever in trouble. And I love how it's faith based! That's so awesome and it must have made the woman feel so so loved.

I want to feel that loved :( Well, I do, but by my main man Jesus obviously. He'll string along some poor chap for the ride some day. And what a poor chap he will be- to have to deal with my ramblings every single day for forever. But maybe we will both learn to love each other's annoyances. I think that's how it's supposed to go. So, morning showers (which I do not like) and church in the A.M. and I will let you know how it goes.

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