February 21, 2013

nbpm- Without Love

The song with the same title from Hairspray comes to mind. Life's a forty-five when you can't buy it. (Without love) life's like getting my big break and laryngitis! Like a week that's only Mondays, only ice cream, never sundaes, like a circle with no center, like a door marked do not enter! Darling, I'll be yours forever cause I never wanna be without louhouhouhuhoooove darling never set me free. I'm yours forever. Never set me free, (Tracy) no no noouhoo.
That was your showtune of the day.

But now onto actual content. Today's question is: can people live without love?

The song? Well obviously. In fact, dear reader, my singing/quoting last paragraph might have made you want to pull your hair out.

The choice/feeling/situation?  I believe people can survive without love. It's not a basic need. Your body doesn't need to receive an adrenaline rush from seeing someone or need to feel comforted when someone else is near. A human can survive without love, without a doubt.

However, just because you are surviving doesn't mean you are living.

All people are made up of three 'parts,' if you will: the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Your body will have no trouble whatsoever living without love.

Your mind can live without love, but it's not really all that healthy and it will usually accept some other emotion like anger or hatred as the norm. Your mind wants to feel love. It wants the emotional high. It wants the security so it has one less thing to worry about.

But your soul, your spirit, your heart... your soul cannot thrive without love. Your soul was crafted with love in mind. Your heart cries out for love like the soil cries out for water. Without water, the grass can't grow, and trees can wither up and die. The same thing happens when your soul thirsts for love. It does not want for love as the mind does- it needs for love. It needs for warmth from its creator.

When we deprive our souls of that love of God, we spend much of our time trying to find a way to fill that deep imprint from love in our souls with junk. Some try to fill that hole with drugs, some with alcohol, some with sex. But those things will never fill you up. Those things will leave you panting for more, and like saltwater, will only leave you more thirsty.

But the water of the love of God is pure and undefiled. It fills the spirit up and satisfies completely. When God made us, He created us with a want for his love that someday we would find it and draw close to him.
Without the love he designed us for, we are lost. Without that great love of God, we will try whatever we can to fill that hole. I tried friends. I tried religion. I tried so many things and I was just surviving from day to day.

But I never truly lived until I found true perfect love.

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