February 13, 2013

npbm- Valentine's Cards

If I had to send out a set of Valentine's cards to all my friends on Valentine's Day, I would send Ben Kling cards. They're hilarious. You should google them. "Weed be great together." "Roses are red, so is the state, let us be comrades because you are great."

On the flipside, there's this guy at my school who I am totally admiring from afar. Yesterday he was wearing glasses and my little heart skipped a beat or two. Shew, he is a cutie. And he has the whole tall not so dark handsome and intelligent looking thing going on. I had a few classes with him in middle school, but I know I've grown up a lot since then and I'm sure he has also.

I'm giving my friends Dr. Seuss themed V-day cards. Woot woot. I seriously need some sleep.

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