April 2, 2013


Hi blogging friends.

I'm going to be honest with you- February NaBloPoMo just isn't going to get done. Now, if you comment and raise a great fuss about a particular issue, I will, of course, address it, but I'm just being realistic here.

Let's start with March- My prom date (as in the date of the prom, not as in a person) is now set to mid-May instead of the middle of April which leaves me time to find a dress that I like. The dates for my musical were officially set at the end of April (this month- eek!)

I didn't get to go to state governor's cup in writing, probably because the prompt was about the legalization of hemp and my response was "Pff, YES!" I did, however, get to go to my Mock Trial Competition where I had bunches of fun and got to know new people!

My grade in college precal is an 89. That's the first B I ever got on a report card. My friend told me today, "You're not bad at math. It's just that you don't want to be good at math." I guess that means I'm going to have to do really really really well on this logarithms and exponential functions unit- an A must be accomplished. I would have dropped this already if it wasn't five credit hours, and that is less math I will have to take in college. This same aforementioned friend advised me that AP Statistics was probability and that there is a great probability that I will do just fine.

This Spring Break week I realized two very important things that have to do with my musical- 1) I have lost the sheet music to both of my songs, and 2) I have also lost the CD with the backing tracks for the entire musical. I have to be off book by Monday- this will be fun. I also started a ridiculous cleaning of my room this week that has thus far been successful. All my misplaced clothing is being restored and all my undesired clothing is going to be donated! Fun fun.

This past week, I was invited to go to my friend "Ally's" church for a special deliverance service of testimony.  It was good- I really enjoyed meeting new people and hearing people talk about how good God has been to them. I also went to her church tonight (and sang) and played the tambourine! That was super cool (or maybe I'm just a giant dork.) I had never played one before, and I found that it's not all that hard, especially when Ally's sister said, and I quote, "It's like clapping." It was monumental advice to me, because I'd never picked one up before... and then I figured out it's not that scary, but they are loud, so my advice to myself was not to mess up. There were also drumsticks that Ally played (and beat her fingers with.) I really liked going to church there, but it was not my home. Maybe soon my church will be as powerful as theirs? Either way, I am definitely going to make it a habit to visit, which should be easy because their church is on different nights than mine is.

Let me finish by saying that God has been good to me- better than I deserve and could ever even start to wrap my head around. He has blessed me with so many things, and such good friends, and even such great environments so that I can keep my mind on him. I thank Him for all that He's done for me and all that He's going to do. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I go on my journey to become a successful student turned teacher and as I try to walk closer to Christ.!

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