July 4, 2013

A Follow-Up that Will Be Followed Up On

Well, while I have been gone (oh, oh, oh, oh...for the longest time) I have been one busy lady. So here I will summarize several things I want to talk about with my next few blog posts:

  • my kind-of crush and new friends
  • my trip overall
  • my church experience in DC
  • the impact of stress on our lives (ex. my brother)
  • poor decision making (ex. my brother)
  • my fourth of july festivities with my church family
  • my former youth pastor's marriage and their stories
  • distance and its impact on relationships
  • 'life-changing experiences'
  • what adulthood means (I'm the big 18 in December), and
  • an analysis on why I keep reading romance novels and watching romantic comedies
I have plenty to choose from. Perhaps I'll do one of these every so often so I won't sit and say "I don't know what to write about."

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