August 12, 2013

On To-Do Lists

I made one this morning.
"Sort clothes, exercise, do 2 loads of laundry, empty trash can, count cash, sort clothing, vacuum."
I can honestly say I have done four of those. Which three, I will never tell.

Anyway, I got up this morning and decided to be more productive than I had been last week. While that is not really a huge step up, I wanted to get a few things done before school starts. It also hit me today and I really need to find a serious monologue for theater auditions. If you know of a good one you think would work, comment! I would appreciate it a lot. (Spell check told me "alot" was correct. Now it tells me it's not a word. I think I need to get a new spell check extension.) Otherwise I think I'll be scouring youtube for spoken word that doesn't sound overly poetic, and instead sounds like spoken words and sentences. Maybe there should be a category to separate the two.

A few words I really don't like (because I always misspell them): misspell, abstinence, separate, exercise. I would be lost without spell checking. Isn't it funny how that's a verb now? Oh, it isn't? Too bad. It is to me. I used to misspell definitely all the time, but then a friend who is abstinent helped me separate the truth from fiction: finite is inside definitely. That has always helped me remember. :)

So, three items to go. I woke up late and need to get tired so I can go to bed before 2:30 because when I did that last night I slept until 12pm. Is that an unhealthy decision?

I installed a new extension for a private search engine trying to break the google habit...but I doubt that will happen. Google is just so....easy...and engrained in my mind. DuckDuckGo is really nice, but it's just not the same. Plus I really don't feel like I'm going to D+tab when I search, rather than just typing my search term in. Gotta love that omnibox. Shoutout to my Chrome peeps, even if they are getting our data left and right.

I think this anecdote is very descriptive of how I talk and how conversations work with me. I start out with a main idea, and go off on eight different tangents on my way to continue on with my idea. Also, I changed colors. I really hope you like it! I wasn't feeling orange anymore. Teal is more my style. Or at least it's supposed to show up teal. It hasn't for me yet. I think I might have to revisit that.

Have a nice night. Conquer the world (with love).

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