August 11, 2013

Sunday Morning and I Never Want to Leave

Hi. My name is Emily, and I'm a recovering undedicated blogger. You see, I often compare my attention span to that of a squirrel, especially when I'm tired or cannot receive immediate gratification. Anyways, today is Sunday (derp) so I went to church this morning, and Sunday School. Representin' my youth group....that only seems to come together when people spend money on us....wait, I didn't say that. I feel like giving up but I suppose that's a bad idea. There are better things to come. A few quick notes:

  • I am listening to Michael Aranda talk on SciShow. His voice is soothing. I don't really care about Mars though. I wonder if that thought would offend him.
  • It's been like two months since I 'shaved.' Yeah. I said that, on a public website. By 'shaved,' I mean removed hair. I don't actually shave anymore; I use Nair. I'm really good at cutting myself. Shaving with wimpy tiny razors isn't for me. I have larger ones with bigger...non-slip handles, if the fancy ever strikes. In fact, here's a fun story:
    • One time in my troubled preteenage-hood (pre-white arm/leg hair), I decided my arms were becoming too much like a gorilla, even though it wasn't that bad. So I gracefully swept up my mother's razor and began to shave my arms. Take that, France...even though I'm back on your side now...I digress. I was getting really excited because all the gross hair was gone and the bathtub was beginning to look satisfyingly brown, and then I looked away and my hand slipped and now I have an approximately one inch long scar on my left forearm. Yay talent.
  • I really like the fuchsia underwear I got yesterday! They're awesome...and empowering! It's amazing what good-feelings one can gain from underclothes....
  • I continue to feed my grilled chicken nacho addiction. 
That's all for today, folks. Thank you for reading :)

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